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Bill and Yvonne – A Tale of For...

Bill and Yvonne – A Tale of Forever
There are many fixtures in the lobby of Florence Home Healthcare in Omaha. There are old pictures, an aquarium, comfortable chairs, and antique dolls. Stop by any afternoon and you will see something else. Bill and Yvonne LaBore sitting together in our lobby. Bill and Yvonne were married in Papillion, Nebraska in 1955. It was the beginn [...]

Why We Need to Talk About Alzheimer&#...

Why We Need to Talk About Alzheimer’s
Reposted from Time Magazine – Credit Below We must have conversations about end-of-life care before it’s too late About six weeks before my parents’ 53rd wedding anniversary, each one of them got on the phone and told me that living together wasn’t working out. My mother called and told me that my father had walked across the hall [...]

Navigating Medicare

Navigating Medicare
Navigating Medicare Medicare can be difficult to navigate for the average person.  Below are some common questions and answers regarding Medicare.  As always, if you need further information, you can call Jessica Bennett, Admissions Coordinator at Florence Home Healthcare.  Her number is 402-827-6058 Question #1: Briefly define Medicare A,B,C [...]